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By using Resumod’s resume analysis and reporting, universities can see an almost 50% increase in off-campus placements.

3x increase in Student Participation

Peer performance plays an important factor in student confidence.

50-80% decrease in Training Costs

Resumod’s AI provides students with feedback and guidance at the right junctures.

Better Analytics > Better Decisions

The software can provide universities with valuable analytics and insights


Singular Branding maintains consistency in the resumes created by students.

Popular job

With time, Resumod will integrate with popular job portals which will make it easier.

Include best Network feature

Resumod will be extended to include an alumni network feature, allowing students.

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I am very helped by this E-wallet application , my days are very easy to use this application and its very helpful in my life , even I can pay a short time 😍

_ Aria Zinanrio A

The resumod is very useful prepare a good resume. The resumod have good templates . If I see means resume will be perfect 😍

_ Aria Zinanrio B

It was very insightful to know how minute changes in cv can create big differences. The platform provides a great place to build up corporate level resume. 😍

_ Aria Zinanrio C

An amazing platform especially for students who have little knowledge about writing resumes. Not only makes it easy but also effective. 😍

_ Aria Zinanrio D