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Modern & Professional job-ready free resume templates

Each of Resumod’s templates is designed keeping in mind the modern HR recruiter. Our resume templates are unique, HR tested, and make you stand out from the crowd.

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Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

A clean two-column resume template, very easy on the eye, yet professional. A bold top bar to add colour and give a more personalised appeal. Best suited for senior management roles.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

A modern approach to resumes for professionals. Graphic elements make this resume template stand out while making it suitable for all profiles. One of the top choices for creative professionals.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

The pop of colour makes this resume template eye-catching as well as aesthetic. The provision to add a photograph makes it a preferred choice of professionals in customer-facing roles.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

A modern free resume template best for entry-level or junior professionals with up to 5 years of experience. Well laid and spaced out, it works best if you don’t have tons of data to fit into your resume.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on
Apollo 1

A great option for a single-page resume with just a few sections. A resume template that works best for lawyers and finance professionals who don’t want to go for a classic resume format.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

A format created for a glance by the recruiter. The two columns of this free resume template let you emphasise your skills and experience.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

A classic, spacious, no-brainer single-file resume format widely accepted by recruiters. Also our most used free resume template, especially by CXOs, VPs and Directors.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

The bold header instantly draws attention and inspires recruiters to read through. A universal resume template that works across all industries and makes you stand out.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

The professional appeal of the skills bar allows you to highlight your skills. This resume template is loved by tech professionals and engineers.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

A minimalistic and refined resume template. With a clean structure, it is ATS-friendly and suitable for HR, Tech and other traditional roles.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

Our most popular resume template. A creative twist to two columns with the header. A visually striking resume template that is suitable for any industry.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

A popular choice for its no-fuss appearance. This free resume template is easy to follow and best suited for chronological resumes.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on
Apollo 2

A spin-off of Apollo 1 with a different design option. This resume template entices the recruiters with its high readability and clean formatting.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

Best choice for senior professionals as it can house multiple sections easily. This resume template can easily condense data into one page.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

A creative take on the traditional one-column format. Great resume template for creating a high-impact experience section with multiple achievements and roles.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

You will not run out of space with this resume template. The symmetry of this format makes it easy to read for both ATS and the human eye.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

A spin-off of Venus, we designed this resume template, especially for students and young professionals. The graphic makes this resume template eye-catching and modern. It’s slowly becoming our most loved template.

Resume Templates by Job

A carefully curated selection of job-specific resume templates to help you stand out in a pool of similar-looking resumes. Feel free to browse through our collection and find the perfect template that resonates with your professional identity. Each template is fully customizable, allowing you to add your personal touch while maintaining a polished and professional appearance.

Experience Icon Resume Templates by Experience

Whether you're just starting your journey, a seasoned professional, or somewhere in between, our templates cater to your unique career stage. Elevate your resume and showcase your skills with designs tailored to highlight your experience effectively.

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Discover the perfect resume template for your dream job, Each template is meticulously designed to capture the essence of various roles, helping you present your skills and qualifications in the best light. Elevate your job application process by choosing a template that resonates with your career aspirations.

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Resumod is perfect

Resumod is one website which is perfect if you want your resume to be created with utmost perfection. All we have to do is upload information and it will prepare the resume automatically with proper format in the PDF form. It gets super easy. And this website is super useful. I’ve already recommended all my post graduation friends to definitely try this. With all the final placements coming, I’m sure this will be the most useful for all of us.

Chirag Gupta

Outstandingly Genuine

I had only previously used the old builder of resumod and there was some problem when it shifted to the new builder and I contacted the team. Nikita was the person who walked me through the 24 yards of Resume writing and I am immensely thankful to her. I was allowed only 3 calls but she stuck with me for 6 atleast and told me all I needed to know. She was patient and very genuine throughout our interactions and that's what I liked the best. I'd recommend them to anyone who's having any issue with their resumes irrespective of where they are in their career. Absolute top notch team.

Anamitra Bhattacharyya

A great application

I found Resumod through a friend when I had to apply for an internship. Created my Resume within 30 minutes. The formats on the site are appealing and the samples on the site helped me write the content. Highly recommendable :)

Nikita Kalra

Free Modern Resume & CV Templates, download in PDF & Word

There are mixed opinions about the usage and effectiveness of resume templates and formats online. Many job seekers find free resume templates difficult to use while for others, resume templates are a “go-to” solution when in need of a new Resume.

But what should you do? Let us clear the air.

At, our resume templates are developed to make your life easier. You just need to enter your information and your resume is ready in minutes. Here are a few other reasons to opt for Resumod’s online resume builder:

  • Created by experts: Our resume templates are created by resume writing experts who understand recruiters’ psychology, ATS, and job seekers’ requirements. With so much thought put into a template, there is no way you can go wrong with any of Resumod’s curated CV templates.
  • Properly structured: An important aspect of nailing a resume is getting its structure right. When you use a template, you don’t need to fret over the structure and placement of sections. Our Resumes have clearly defined sections so that you only have to enter your information.
  • Comprehensive and Universal: Resumod’s modern resume templates are designed to ease your work. They contain all the sections that you might need to describe your career. We also provide you with additional custom sections, just in case you have some more info!
  • Time-Saving: With everything in place for you,’s resume templates are big time savers. With just minor edits, you can create multiple versions for various job openings and send as many resumes as you want.
In a nutshell,’s templates are like resume-producing machines!

The Best Resume Format and Template for Job Search offers resume templates that are modern, effective and can fit most of your information in one page without the clutter. Below is a quick guide that tells you all about how a good resume should be structured. (The format is reference is Venus).

best resume templates for jobs, download free

Resumod’s Simple, Creative, Modern and Professional Resume Templates

Here’s our quick introduction video to show you how easy it is to build your resume for free on

Tips to Create Free Resume Using Resumod's Online Resume Maker

We’ve told you why free online resume templates work, and you know where you can find the best resume templates online, but you have to make sure that your resume stands out.

Here are some things to remember when you use online resume templates.

  • Avoid misspellings and grammatical errors: This part often gets missed once you have a format and entered the data. Proofread your entire resume once it is complete as misspellings and grammatical errors portray carelessness.
  • Use reverse chronological order: This means that your resume showcases your most recent activity i.e. education or experience first. Recent education or experience on the top makes your resume much easier to glance at.
  • Incomplete contact information: Include your complete name, phone number, address, and email Id. If available, also add links to professional platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Do not use overrated and cliché words: Your resume should be easy to read and understand. Keywords and important industry terms must be included but without making your resume look verbose.

A top-notch resume serves as a benchmark in the selection procedure. Our suggestion - while you build your resume using resume templates online, ensure simplicity, avoid being too fancy, and present your resumes with complete information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a resume template?

A resume template is a pre-designed format that outlines the structure and arrangement of a resume. It includes all sections in a resume like personal information, work experience, education, skills, and other relevant details. A pre-designed format, a resume template helps you create your professional resume in just a few clicks. Resumod has professional resume templates for over 500 profiles starting from freshers through to industry veterans and CXOs.

Why should I use a resume template instead of a Word doc?

Unlike a resume you build from scratch on MS Word, our free resume templates are designed by experts. Therefore they are widely accepted by recruiters across all industries globally. Further, resume templates are time-saving, are ready to use, and maintain a professional appeal. Resumod’s free resume templates guide you through the process and help you focus on the content of your resume rather than spending excessive time on formatting.

Are resume templates customizable?

Yes, all templates on Resumod are customisable including our free resumes templates. You can customise font and font size, resume colour, section headings, as well as placement of sections. With so many customisation options, resumes built using our free AI-powered builder are as good as personalised resumes, built by professionals.

Where can I find free resume templates?

Resumod offers free resume template(s). Our free resume template(s) are universal and can be used by anyone and downloaded in PDF form.

Can I use a resume template if I have limited work experience?

Our resume templates are created for all professionals at all levels of their careers. Therefore they are adaptable. If you are someone with limited work experience, you can focus on showcasing your skills, education, volunteer work, and any relevant projects to make your resume stand out. Our templates have dedicated sections for all of these.

Are there specific templates for different industries?

Although resume templates on Resumod are universal, we have segregated them as per industry to help you pick a format faster. Some templates are tailored to emphasise skills and experiences relevant to specific fields, such as healthcare, technology, or creative industries.

What sections should a standard resume template include?

A standard free resume template on Resumod includes all the important sections of a resume including name, contact information, summary, work experience, education, skills as well as additional Sections (such as Certifications, Awards, and Volunteer Work). Further, all resume templates are fully customisable, you can add and delete sections as per your profile.

Can I use a template if I'm applying for a creative job?

Yes, you can use our resume templates for creative roles. Our sample pages have resumes of creative professionals like fashion designers, video editors, photographers, and graphic designers among others. You have the option to edit fonts and colours in each of our templates including the free resume templates to give a more creative flavour to your resume.

Are there templates for entry-level positions?

Yes, there are templates designed for entry-level positions. These templates focus on highlighting your education, skills, internships, and any other relevant experiences. We are partners with many leading universities and their students use our templates for applying to internships and their first jobs.

Are there mobile-friendly resume templates?

All resume templates on Resumod are mobile-friendly. You can create your resume using our templates on both your mobile and desktop. Further, we offer PDF download which automatically makes our templates accessible and responsive across all operating systems and devices.

What file format should I save my resume template in?

It's best to save your resume in a universally compatible format like PDF. This ensures your formatting remains intact across different devices and software, along with making it ATS compatible.

Can I use a template if I'm changing careers?

Yes, resume templates on Resumod can be adapted for career changers. We have a career change category on our samples page where you can see samples of professionals with career breaks and career changes. Bonus tip: Emphasise transferable skills and experiences that align with your new career path.

Are there free resume templates suitable for executives or senior-level positions?

Yes, there are templates suited for executives and senior-level positions. These templates often emphasise leadership skills, accomplishments, and strategic thinking.

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Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on
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