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Each of Resumod’s templates is designed keeping in mind the modern HR recruiter. Our templates are unique, HR tested, and make you stand out from the crowd of applicants.

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Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

Our most popular resume template. A creative twist to two columns with the header. A visually striking resume template that is suitable for any industry.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on

A popular choice for its no-fuss appearance. This free resume template is easy to follow and best suited for chronological resumes.

Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on
Apollo 2

A spin-off of Apollo 1 with a different design option. This resume template entices the recruiters with its high readability and clean formatting.

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Resumod is perfect

Resumod is one website which is perfect if you want your resume to be created with utmost perfection. All we have to do is upload information and it will prepare the resume automatically with proper format in the PDF form. It gets super easy. And this website is super useful. I’ve already recommended all my post graduation friends to definitely try this. With all the final placements coming, I’m sure this will be the most useful for all of us.

Chirag Gupta

Outstandingly Genuine

I had only previously used the old builder of resumod and there was some problem when it shifted to the new builder and I contacted the team. Nikita was the person who walked me through the 24 yards of Resume writing and I am immensely thankful to her. I was allowed only 3 calls but she stuck with me for 6 atleast and told me all I needed to know. She was patient and very genuine throughout our interactions and that's what I liked the best. I'd recommend them to anyone who's having any issue with their resumes irrespective of where they are in their career. Absolute top notch team.

Anamitra Bhattacharyya

A great application

I found Resumod through a friend when I had to apply for an internship. Created my Resume within 30 minutes. The formats on the site are appealing and the samples on the site helped me write the content. Highly recommendable :)

Nikita Kalra

Creative Resume Templates

Crafting your unique professional story using creative resume templates

Creative resume templates serve as a powerful tool to captivate recruiters and stand out from the competition. Creative resume templates are visually engaging and thoughtfully designed documents that transcend the traditional confines of a standard resume. They go beyond the simple listing of qualifications and job history. With multiple creative elements, they serve as a platform for you to tell your professional stories with ingenuity, incorporating innovative design elements that align with your field and personality.

A well-crafted creative resume template combines aesthetic appeal, content organisation, and strategic use of visuals to create a holistic representation of who you are as a candidate.

Why Opt for a Creative Resume Template:

The use of creative templates is often -perceived with ambiguity. Simple and professional templates are generally supported by the recruiters. However, there is no rule book for creating resumes.

Here’s why you should opt for creative resume templates while crafting your resume:

  • Immediate Visual Impact: Attention spans are lowering at an alarming rate. It is believed that the human attention span is less than that of goldfish. In such a world, grabbing attention is any job seeker's priority. And a creative template grabs attention instantly. With visually pleasing layouts, colour schemes, and typography, a creative resume becomes a work of art that recruiters won't want to overlook.
  • Showcasing Uniqueness: All traditional resumes look and feel similar, making your resume disappear in a sea of many other similar-looking resumes. Your professional journey is unique, and a creative resume template provides the canvas to express that. It enables you to weave their narrative, skills, and achievements into a coherent story that resonates with hiring managers.
  • Highlighting Skill Sets: For creative industries, a well-designed resume showcases design sensibilities. For non-creative fields, it demonstrates your ability to think outside the box and innovate, qualities that are highly valued across industries. A professional resume will only list them, but a creative resume breathes life into it.
  • Memorability A jobseeker’s biggest nightmare? Being forgotten by the recruiter and not receiving any communication. Creative resume templates help jobseekers avoid this nasty situation. When a recruiter remembers an applicant’s resume, they are one step closer to an interview. A creatively designed resume sticks in the mind, keeping candidates at the forefront of the hiring decision.
best resume templates for jobs, download free

Creating Your Own Creative Resume Template:

Creative resume templates are tricky to use. You might go on a little overboard with creative templates, therefore Resumod offers pre-designed templates with customisation options.

Here is how you can create your creative resume templates, best suited for their unique professional journey:

  • Choose the right style: Depending on industry and personal preferences, opt for a style that complements your field. For instance, a graphic designer might go for a more visually extravagant design, while a finance professional might choose a clean yet creative layout.
  • Organise thoughtfully: While creativity is key, it is a good idea to maintain a logical flow of information. Start with a professional summary, followed by sections on experience, skills, and education.
  • Incorporate Visual Elements: These elements differentiate any two resumes. You can include your professional photo, icons, infographics, or even a timeline to visually illustrate your journey. Make sure the visuals enhance the content, not overshadow it.
  • Balance Text and White Space: Though filled with colours and artistic elements, balance is a key factor in creating an attractive resume. Further, a cluttered design can be overwhelming for the reader. Utilise white space to create a sense of balance and guide the reader's eye through your resume.
  • Highlight Achievements: Use quantifiable achievements to substantiate your skills and contributions. Numbers add credibility and help recruiters gauge your impact.
  • Review and Test: Before sending out your creative resume, review it meticulously for errors. Additionally, ensure that the design elements are compatible with different devices and formats. Use PDF format to keep the resume accessible to both humans and bots.

Creative Resume Templates Pros and Cons

Creative resume templates are a powerful tool to make a strong impression in the right context, especially for creative or design-oriented roles. However, they come with potential downsides related to compatibility, professionalism, and readability. So, carefully consider the industry, the company culture, and the position you're applying for before deciding to use a creative resume template. If used thoughtfully, a creative resume can help you stand out and showcase your skills effectively.


For their creative representation, creative resume templates are highly beneficial in industries where creativity is highly valued, such as design, marketing, and media. The biggest advantage of using creative resume templates is that in industries where traditional resumes are the norm, using a creative template can set you apart from other candidates and make you memorable. It shows that you're willing to take risks and think outside the box. Further, creative resume templates provide an opportunity to infuse your personality into your applications, giving the recruiter a chance to understand if your personality aligns with the role.

All of these together increase your chances of being shortlisted for interviews and remember during the decision-making process.


Creative templates get rejected in some cases because ATS struggles to parse or read the content of creative resumes properly. While creativity is valuable, some industries still value a more traditional and professional appearance. They find creative elements distracting. This is however a personal bias and can be addressed by striking a right balance between creativity and professionalism.

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Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on Best Free Resume Templates | ATS optimised Resume Templates | Free Download on
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